Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scrubbed Clean

Blowing, howling, screaming wind
It came like night and stirred,
Stirred up, churned up
All of me, all of him

Hair whipped, eyes scrunched, skin stung
Gravel, pounding earth and sky
Agitation, frustration—can’t breathe
Slow down, go around, bend like trees

Shouting now, over din
Pummeled, forced; look in!
Inside where you hurt
Inside where you heal

Fierce love and wild fear 
Pushing, scraping, ripping 
Comfort gone, tethers free
Let go, he says, it’s just me

Hold me, love me, all we need
Exhale, calm water dream
Whales and wisdom, nothing to fear
Dawning light, wild eye turned clear

Our feet reach down, new earth below
No prints to see, all scrubbed clean
Old paths, now pristine
Hand in hand, you and me

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